"Members working collectively to help solve the challenges of the industry"  is  the purpose of every non-profit trade association.  QTA is no exception.  As a non-profit association (and "non-profit" is the key word), every program and service that QTA offers is focused on this goal.
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Quilt Trade Association (QTA) is a non-profit organization that serves its members:

Retail members are Independent  quilt shops

Allied members are suppliers of products and services to quilt shops  

Individual members are designers, authors & instructors
Quilt Trade Association advances the community of quilt trade businesses by providing its members with a forum for diverse meeting and networking opportunities, information and education to support their businesses, as well as advocating for their common interests.

QTA, newly formed in 2010, has experienced tremendous growth in quilt shop membership and support from affiliated companies  in our few short months of existence.  Evidence of quilt shop owners helping each other with sharing of ideas, trials, tribulations and success stories serves to to sustain and grow the industry.

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Complete List of QTA Allied Members
who support and advocate
Quilt Trade Association on behalf of independent quilt shops.

Why Join QTA?

Join QTA to reap these benefits:
  • the opportunity that a non-profit association provides you - working together with other members - to collectively address the challenges of the quilt trade industry
  • free educational webinars that may help you make better business decisions
  • ways to save money on email marketing, website design, FedEx, credit card processing and more...
  • timely newsletters to inform you of industry happenings and business tips
  • a way to support the quilt trade industry - your membership dues help defray QTA's operating costs
  • and much more...see Member Benefits for more information
Quilt Trade Association is a great idea on many levels.  All quilt shop owners have a lot to learn, and sharing our experiences can only serve to make us all better." -Carrie Quinn, Pieceful Gathering Quilt Shop

Read testimonials from the QTA board members, including Mark Dunn- Moda Fabrics, Alex Anderson, Pat Forke - Quakertown Quilts, Bonita Deering- Prairie Shop Quilts, Sue Hanson - Trackside Quilting and Judy Hansen - Quilt Shop of Deland.

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