About Us

Quilt Trade Association (QTA) is an international, 501(c)6 non-profit association of members comprised of independent quilt shops and businesses that provide goods and services for the quilt industry. QTA, launched in February, 2010, was inspired by a group of quilt shop owners and industry leaders and funded by Charter Members who believe that a true non-profit trade association can facilitate its members working together to collectively strengthen the quilt industry.  This is QTA's overriding goal.

QTA is a new and different organization serving the quilt trade industry.  As a non-profit organization, we are governed by our Board of Directors.  But more importantly, our Board of Directors is elected by QTA members.  This ensures that your Board of Directors, as  QTA member, are those people who are looking out for your best interests.  QTA envisions an invigorated market where all sectors of the quilt industry work in partnership to bring value to consumers and to maintain a healthy and growing quilt industry.

QTA is similar to the other 7,000 non-profit trade associations which serve every other industry you can think of (from aerospace to zoology).  QTA brings value to its membership through a collective effort (the members working together) in order to sustain and grow the industry.  It is that collective effort that makes QTA different from a for-profit association.  At QTA, the members collaborate on what  best helps the industry.

2010 is the inaugural year of QTA. Our membership benefits started out strong, grew tremendously in 2011 and now, as we head into 2013, the list of benefits continue to grow.  The QTA Board of Directors (see right column) continues to work on ways to provide benefits to achieve our mission (see below) in a very cost effective way, especially in these trying economic times.

Testimonials from QTA Board Members who describe why QTA is necessary for a
                         strong quilt industry.
QTA Sponsors, supporting QTA's inception in 2010.
Charter Members  who are industry leaders and forward-thinking quilt shop owners that are recognized for their financial support in helping launch QTA in 2010.
QTA Allied Members  are suppliers of goods and services to the quilt industry.  These companies are those who provided significant financial support to help the quilting industry as a whole by helping fund Quilt Trade Association.

Board of Directors
Sue Hanson
Trackside Quilting

Vice President
Brian Powers
HeartSong Quilts

Board Members
Alex Anderson
Alex Anderson Inc.

Amy Marson
C&T Publishing

Heidi Severson
Olfa North America

Jenny Stratton
Checker DIstributors

Randy Thomas
Janome of America

Debbie Wright
Oregon Trail Quilt Co.

Cyndi Rich
Emma's Quilt Cupboard

QTA's Mission

Quilt Trade Association's mission is to advance the community of quilt trade businesses by delivering programs and services designed to sustain and grow a strong quilt industry marketplace.   QTA exists to:

     Provide a forum for the industry that promotes and facilitates knowledge sharing, networking and
                           a common vision
     Facilitate programs designed to encourage the growth of the quilt industry
     Identify pressing issues and rally industry leaders to tackle these issues, while propelling growth initiatives
      -   Assist in the development, capture and prioritization of these initiatives to eliminate duplication of effort
          across companies
      -   Provide efficient, effective methods to execute these initiatives
     Deliver timely, affordable professional business education
     Advocate and promote the quilt industry

A Note From the Executive Director

December, 2012

Why QTA?  Quilt Trade Association (QTA) was formed in February, 2010 to help quilt shop owners network together and receive professional education to aid in their business success.   Non-profit associations, in general, are organized to do just that; for QTA this means quilt shop owners, banding together for the good of the industry.  There are over 7000 US trade associations (that serve the gamut of industries - from aerospace to ice cream shops to zoos).  QTA now joins that group of non-profit trade associations that provide a way for its members to work together to product positive results for the industry.

When a few quilt shop owners approached me in early 2010 to launch QTA  so that the quilt industry could have their own non-profit association (driven by members who have votes and majority influence into how it serves its membership), I said "sure, I can help".  With a background in association management, great respect for the entrepreneurial women who are quilt shop owners, 25+ years in corporate sales and marketing, and my own passion for quilting,  I felt it was the right thing to do.

Although QTA may seem like we are far beyond our "infancy" stage, we are still very much in the formative mode.  However in our first full year of existence, 2011,  we accomplished a lot and we've already exponentially increased the member benefits.  When we polled QTA members, we found that the overwhelming requests they had for benefits were economical and convenient ways to 1) receive professional education and 2) to network with their peers.

The QTA Board of Directors are charged with setting the direction of QTA.  We have been listening attentively to our members this past year, and have charted a path to provide educational webinars and facilitate regional quilt shop owner "round tables", in addition to providing other programs to help our members save time and money.

We've received hundreds of positive comments from quilt shop owners who have attended the free past webinars and round tables and we are delighted that we've been able to serve so many already.  The year 2013 will continue to offer even more QTA webinars and  round tables, and we're constantly working on adding more benefits for our members.  We accomplished a great deal in the past two years but like any business that has tremendous immediate growth, QTA is experiencing "too much to do in too little time".  We're working as fast as we can to best serve our members.

We hope you will take advantage of our already extensive offerings of member benefits by joining QTA today.

                             Joyce  Keane
                          Executive Director
                          Quilt Trade Association