Allied Member Benefits in 2011

A QTA Allied Member is a company whose primary business provides goods and services to the quilt trade industry in one or more of these categories:
  • Fabric Company
  • Manufacturer
  • Distributor
  • Consumer or Trade Publisher
  • Media
  • Other qualified businesses
Support the industry and join now.  Annual dues start at $250 for Basic Membership. 

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to receive a membership application packet for more information about how to become a QTA Allied Member. 
Silver, Gold and Platinum levels of membership provide the Allied Member with various levels of promotional and advertising opportunities in addition to the benefits of Basic Membership. 

As QTA is still young and in its formative stages, we are continually adding member benefits.  We are announcing the following 2011 benefits to start off the year with plenty of benefits to justify the cost of QTA membership.

Once you join QTA, we'll keep you informed when additional educational webinars, quilt shop owner round tables and other benefits are announced and made available.  
Unless otherwise noted, following are the benefits of Basic Membership for QTA Allied Members:

Benefit Description
Quilt Trade Association (QTA) launched in February, 2010 as a non-profit trade association to help quilt shop owners collectively succeed. Classically,  suppliers help promote a vibrant, growing, energizing industry by supporting their respective non-profit trade association.   QTA is no exception.  Allied membership, besides delivering the below benefits, help fund QTA so that the quilt trade,  focusing on independent quilt shops, is energized and remains a vibrant industry.
QTA VOTING PRIVILEGES Each QTA Allied  Member has the right to vote in accordance with the QTA ByLaws.  Voting privileges include the vote for QTA Board of Directors.  The QTA Board of Directors is responsible for the mission and direction of Quilt Trade Association, and acts upon the well-being of the QTA membership as a whole.
QTA members can attend educational webinars that address topics that are pertinent to various sectors of QTA membership.  Industry leaders or subject matter experts are speakers, presenters and panelists at these webinars, via video over the internet and audio (via telephone or the internet).

The cost to attend is typically no charge for QTA members and since we know that our members' time is at a premium, the only time spent is that time you are at your computer, attending the session.  No travel is involved in these webinars.
See a listing of webinars or register for a webinar
QTA Members can enjoy these benefits  through our Member Rewards Program. 
Email Marketing                 Constant Contact   - discount off email marketing
Websites                         Like Sew Websites   - $250 discount off web design
Credit Card Processing    First National Merchants Solutions -   
                                                          discounted rates for credit card transactions
Health Insurance                 MMIC - free, no-obigation quotes for
                                                         health insurance for small businesses.   
                                   More information on Member Rewards Program

The QTA Newsletter is emailed to all members on a regular basis.  "QTA News" contains information about upcoming QTA events, membership benefits and industry happenings.
The Resource Library is a collection of web pages and documents on the QTA website that  include reference materials and links, providing quilt shop owners with information on various topics of interest.  Once your QTA membership application is processed, the QTA member receives a user name and password that provides access to the "Members Only" web pages of this Resource Library.
QTA Members, at no charge,  are provided with an electronic version of the QTA logo that indicates that they are a QTA Member.  This logo can be used to place on the QTA member's website or other marketing collateral as desired.  Contact QTA to purchase a window decal at a nominal charge.
QTA Allied  Members may desire a listing on the QTA Speakers' Forum resource directory, if applicable.   This directory contains information about the speaker, preferred topics, and other particulars so that those interested in engaging your speaking services can get acquainted with you.  Your listing also contains a link to your website.  This benefit is included with Silver, Gold and Platinum membership.

 QTA Allied Members can choose from three levels of premium membership:  Silver, Gold and Platinum.  Dependent on the level, Allied Members receive recognition on QTA's home page, advertising in "QTA News" newletter, promotion during QTA's educational webinars and/or listing on the QTA "Allied Members" web page. 

Click here to request more information about levels of participation and a membership application form for QTA Allied Membership.  Silver, Gold and Platinum levels provide the Allied Member with a variety of marketing opportunities.