QTA Board of Directors


                                              Board President                              Board Vice President

                                                    Sue Hanson                                           Brian Powers
                                             Trackside Quilting                                        HeartSong Quilts

Board Members
Alex Anderson
Alex Anderson Inc.          
Debbie Wright
Oregon Trail Quilt Co.
Cyndi Rich
Emma's Quilt Cupboard
  Amy Marson
  C&T Publishing
Jenny Stratton
Checker Distributors
Heidi Severson
Olfa North America
Randy Thomas
Janome of America


QTA Board Member Testimonials

Quilt Trade Association's Board of Directors (current and past)  describe how QTA can help the industry:

"Quilt shop owners need a Quilt Trade Association. I've watched the industry grow for more than thirty years, and quilt shops today are faced with more challenges than ever: the economy, marketing, technology, and business operations to name just a few. A non-profit trade association helps bring those challenges to the surface and provides a means for those within the industry help each other...for the health and growth of the entire industry. In addition to quilt shop owners, suppliers should also support QTA since it will benefit the industry as a whole." 
Alex Anderson of The Quilt Life, The Quilt Show, designer & educator 

"As a quilt shop owner, Quilt Trade Association has given me a forum to meet fellow quilters who share the same experiences as I but who often have different and innovative ways of approaching various aspects of quilt shop ownership.  Before QTA I felt very isolated.  Now I always have somewhere to turn for new ideas, advice and even an understanding ear.  I am grateful to QTA for this opportunity."
Bonita Deering, Owner of Prairie Shop Quilts, Batavia, IL

"I have been a board member of Quilt Trade Association because I am a firm believer in helping all organizations in our industry that promote the preservation and education of our industry.  As shop owners and manufacturers it behooves us to support all organizations that promote these values."  
Mark Dunn, President of Moda Fabrics & United Notions, Dallas, TX  (past QTA board member)

"Considering the many challenges quilt shop owners are facing today, a trade association for our industry is vital.  Not only does QTA provide an opportunity for education, it also provides an opportunity to network with other quilt shop owners.  Although I have been a part of this industry for over 25 years, I find our challenges are constantly changing and it is vital that we continue to learn to survive.  QTA can help us grow and prosper as shop owners.  It can also speak for us as a united group as we encounter our ever-changing challenges."
Pat Forke, President of Quakertown Quilts, Friendswood, TX (past QTA board member)

"As a quilt shop owner, I  would like to share as much knowledge as I can about specific ideas and information regarding running a quilt shop.  I've been a speaker at several QTA webinars and the questions and emails that I've received from the shop owners that attended my webinars have been inspiring.  Shop owners are anxious for information to improve their daily working within their shop and they want someone they can trust to bring them that information.  It's important to give back to the industry, and if one of improves, we all do!"
Judy Hansen, President, Quilt Shop of DeLand, Deland, FL  (past QTA board member)

"I have often wondered why there was no Trade Association for quilt shop owners and manufacturers. Quilt Trade Association is the answer that I was looking for. QTA has provided education, networking, and answers to questions that no one else seems to be able to answer for me. The Executive Director is diligent in getting the word out and providing a professional arena for shop owners and manufacturers to work together as well as working to get other benefits for the members of QTA. The benefits of  networking with other shop owners and manufacturers alone is easily worth the price of membership and everything else offered is a bonus in my mind. This is the best thing to happen to the Quilt industry in years. Great job Ms. Keane, and thank you for working so hard for our industry."
Sue Hanson, Owner of Trackside Quilting, Laurel, MT

"As a board member of QTA, it's been a real joy to watch the association evolve.  OLFA goes to market through our impressive network of distributors, but that often leaves us, as a manufacturer, distant from the independent quilt shops.  QTA enable us to interface with people in different parts of the industry.  We're exchanging ideas between quilt shops, fabric vendors, notions vendors, designers and .com specialists to create opportunities to grow our business and perhaps help grow the industry. It's been a valuable investment of time!"
Heidi Severson, National Account Manager, OLFA North America