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Archived webinars are very easy to watch.  It's just like watching a You-Tube video or any other video.  You'll see and hear everything that was said and shown on the originally broadcast, live video.  And you can pause, stop, fast-forward anytime you want, making it the most convenient way for you to learn to help make your quilt shop business better -- conveniently and available 24/7.

Quilt Shop Focused Topics
Internet Marketing Tips and Techniques
for Quilt Shops
Social Media (Facebook, Pinterest & Groupon)
Your Website as a Marketing Tool
Web Marketing - General topics

UPCOMING WEBINARS - first quarter, 2013

All below webinars are no charge (unless otherwise indicated) for QTA members in good standing (i.e. dues are current).  Webinars, typically 45 minutes with a live question/answer session,  are conducted via the internet with video and audio conferencing unless otherwise noted.

Topics:  Quilt Shop Operations & Retail Marketing

    2013 Date  
Perspective for Quilt Shop Owners (guest speaker:  Alex Anderson) Info/Register
Feb 13 Free for QTA Members
ENewsletter Marketing Info/Register Mar 12 Free for QTA Members
Others:  $45

Topics:  Internet Marketing  (websites, email marketing, Facebook)

Workshop: Getting the Most Out of  Constant Contact for Email Marketing Info/Register Mar 21 Free for QTA Members
Others:  $45
Facebook Tactics  for 2013 Info/Register  Feb 5   Free for QTA Members
Others:  $45
Workshop:  Problem Solving  - Internet Marketing Strategies 

coming soon

tbd Free for QTA Members
Others:  $45